CIAO's Transition To NuMelo And Our New Frontier & Emerging Market Focus

Dear Shareholders -

To those of you learning about NuMelo for the first time, welcome.  For those of you familiar with the Company and wondering about what has been going on, thank you for checking back.  My previous blog entry (below), discusses the disposition of the previous operations, management team, and business plan under Ciao Group.  The transition discussed in the entry below has taken longer than anticipated, but we have now arrived.  


We've leveraged what was left behind in the previous operation and headed a new, but not an unfamiliar direction.  Telecommunications expansion within the by far, largest consumer market segment in the world, the frontier and emerging market segment, is in need of locally sourced, and affordable service providers.  

The U.S. big brand name providers are providing services that are unnecessarily too expensive for the frontier and emerging market consumer.  As a result, the frontier and emerging consumer market for telecommunications services is just not realizing its growth potential.  

We're going to source, acquire and invest in telecommunication upstarts local within frontier and emerging market regions where the service will be provided.  We'll create local jobs and local tax revenues.  What the large telecom providers are failing to win in premium prices, we'll exceed in volume.  

It's a simple, socially responsible and highly profitable plan and we have the attention of Silicon Valley investors.  Now that the transition is complete, we're off to the races.  Thank you for checking us out or checking back.  Stick around this time and go along for the ride with us.

Thank you,

Aubrey Brown