CIAO Group Announces Plan To Pursue $1.5 Trillion Communications Market Sector

Dallas, TX – March 16, 2019 – Ciao Group, Inc. (USOTC: CIAU) today announced a business plan refresh and planned corporate name change to NuMelo Technology.  Last year, Ciao Group underwent a change of control and management transition. The Company has brought all its financial reporting and disclosure requirements up to date in accordance with the OTC Markets’ Current Information Standard.  Silicon Valley technology veteran, Aubrey Brown is the new CEO.  Brown has won the interest of Silicon Valley investors in his emerging and frontier market telecommunications business plan and is in the process of relocating the Company headquarters to San Jose, California.

NuMelo Frontier & Emerging Market Niche In $1.5 Trillion Communications Sector

Even with all the opportunity for the internet to reach farther into the hard to reach corners of the world and to provide yet even more consumers with access to smart phones, technology growth in emerging and frontier markets has slowed.  Gartner explains that the rising expense of technology from the U.S. and other developed countries being sold into frontier and emerging markets is so high, that frontier and emerging markets are slowing down their purchases and exploring new options.  Brown plans for NuMelo Technology to give frontier and emerging markets some new telecommunication technology options.  The worldwide technology market is $3.5 trillion which includes $1.5 trillion in communications.

Learn more about NuMelo Technology on the Company’s website and check back frequently to keep up with the Company’s progress to include two anticipated acquisitions in the near future.

About NuMelo Technology, Inc:

NuMelo Technolgy is dedicated to discovering and developing innovative technology within the world’s emerging and frontier markets.  NuMelo brings the experience and resources to identify communication technology innovators within the worlds emerging and frontier markets and develop with them marketing and capitalization strategies to overcome the hurdles identified by the World Bank currently hindering the proliferation of emerging and frontier telecommunication services to achieve the corresponding alpha return potential.  

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