CIAO Group Announces The Economist Sustainability Summit 2017 On Technology And The Race For Resources In Austin Texas

Dallas, TX – March 21, 2019 – Ciao Group, Inc. (USOTC: CIAU) today announced that the Company will participate in The Economist Sustainability Summit 2017.  The Summit theme is “Technology And The Race For Resources.”  The Summit will be held in Austin, Texas on June 7th, 2017. 

CIAO Group Plan To Pursue $1.5 Trillion Communications Market Sector

Ciao Group recently announced a business plan refresh and pending name change to NuMelo Technology in conjunction with the Company’s focus on socially responsible telecommunication technology innovations resident within the world’s frontier and emerging economies.  The Summits “technology” theme, particularly in regard to its scheduled “Connected Cities” session is anticipated to highlight Ciao/NuMelo’s capabilities to deliver efficient and valuable communication solutions that enhance the sustainable objectives of public and private sector stakeholders. 

Monsanto (NYSE: MON)is the leading sponsor of The Summit and speakers include Austin Mayor, Steve Adler, and former Assistant to President Barrack Obama and Director of The White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, Carol Browner.  To learn more about The Economist Sustainability Summit – Technology And The Race For Resources, visit:

Learn more about NuMelo Technology on the Company’s website and check back frequently to keep up with the Company’s progress to include two acquisitions anticipated in the near future.

About NuMelo Technology, Inc:

NuMelo Technolgy is dedicated to discovering and developing innovative technology within the world’s emerging and frontier markets.  NuMelo brings the experience and resources to identify communication technology innovators within the worlds emerging and frontier markets and develop with them marketing and capitalization strategies to overcome the hurdles identified by the World Bank currently hindering the proliferation of emerging and frontier telecommunication services to achieve the corresponding alpha return potential.  

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